Andy Karle

Andy Karle

Service Director |

Following his Biomedical Engineering studies in the German city of Heidelberg, Andy visited New Zealand in 2006 to undertake an internship at Auckland City Hospital (ACH).

Andy was subsequently employed by ADHB as a Biomedical Engineering Technologist for a total of 7 years, servicing a broad variety of medical equipment such as infusion pumps, defibrillators, heart-lung machines, patient monitors, ventilators etc. at multiple public and private hospitals within the Auckland region.

During his time at ADHB, Andy met Ghaz while servicing medical devices at ACH’s Cardiac Operating Rooms. Soon thereafter the two of them started to discuss and share various business ideas.

Andy is also part of the Friends of Fiji Heart Foundation, having been their “resident” Biomed for several years. His experience with this amazing team of people making a difference and celebrating great success in improving the lifes of the less fortunate, enabled him to further develop new ideas.

In 2016 Andy founded Biometis LTD with the vision of providing high-end, quality used medical equipment including warranty options to the healthcare sector at very competitive prices.

In early 2018 Ghaz joined Andy as an equal shareholder and director. Together they continue to explore new ways of sourcing the finest medical devices in the market today, while offering a variety of other medical services tailored around their customers’ requirements.